hello. um, I am single now (I guess). Me and my girlfriend have broken up for good, I think. We were together (off and on) for a year and a half. We managed to buy a car together during this time, but couldn’t move on to purchasing a place to live  together. It seems like her whole purpose for being with me was to make me look as abusive as possible to my friends. Right, MY friends. She kept her friends and life light yeras away from me, while she can mingle and flirt or talk to anybody I knew before her (including family). If any girl shows any interest in me, she will immediately find a way to get said girl by herself and make up stories about how bad I treat her. If I treated her soo bad why is she tryna break off any kind of relationship with any other girls that I meet. Me being with another girl should mean FREEDOM for her( from me and my “controlling, money hungry, and abusive ways”). Right?

Of course. During my hiatus from this blog, I caught a SOLICITING A PROSTITUTE charge. She wasn’t a real prostitute, she was an undercover cop pretending to be a prostitute. My car got towed, I got arrested, given a citation ticket and released. It took $835 to get my car back. (Luckily my dad came thru with $500, me and my “former” girlfriend made the rest). I’m gonna fight the charge, because I didn’t even have any money. How can you get a whore with no money. I was basically arrested for tryna fuck a prostitute for FREE!!!  When I finally got my car back, one of my rapper friends called me to go to the studio. (I told him that after everything I went thru on Labor Day Weekend, I didn’t want to go in the studio to make any surgary, safe, poppy, or cliche club song). I went in the booth that day and killed it. If you wanna hear any of the new songs, go to www.soundcloud.com/backflipz   “Spilled Blood” is the song I made right after I got my car back. You can hear all the angst and anger and relief in my verse.

Speaking of Rap, the boyz over at FEET UNIVERSITY are having a lotta issues. The leader ended up losing a large amount of weed (he also sells weed, and he is the one who owns the studio equipment, which one day forced me to ask the question:  “If he didn’t sell weed or have the studio equipment, how many of us will know him, let alone hang out his house everyday?”). I think he thinks that I’m a suspect. I didn’t do it. They had a couple of shows since I last wrote. Everytime I ask how did the shows go (which I already know the truth. These guys are not “showmen”, they don’t put on show, they just stand there and rap into a mic, which would be fine, except that their lyrics ain’t shiiiiiit!!), the leader always just says: “Good”. If you getting excited about doing shows, then after the show someone asks you how did it go, aren’t you gonna say more than just: “Good”.  All I can say is that I tried to tell ’em. I’m working on two albums. One of them is a collabo album kinda like “Watch The Throne”, where I am teaming up with a fellow rapper friend of mine who goes by the name of E-man. I am naming that album “No Labels”. So I’m just focusing on my own music for a while. Oh yeah, the release date for “The Late Show” has been moved to: 02/10/2012, My Birthday.