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hello. um, I am single now (I guess). Me and my girlfriend have broken up for good, I think. We were together (off and on) for a year and a half. We managed to buy a car together during this time, but couldn’t move on to purchasing a place to live  together. It seems like her whole purpose for being with me was to make me look as abusive as possible to my friends. Right, MY friends. She kept her friends and life light yeras away from me, while she can mingle and flirt or talk to anybody I knew before her (including family). If any girl shows any interest in me, she will immediately find a way to get said girl by herself and make up stories about how bad I treat her. If I treated her soo bad why is she tryna break off any kind of relationship with any other girls that I meet. Me being with another girl should mean FREEDOM for her( from me and my “controlling, money hungry, and abusive ways”). Right?

Of course. During my hiatus from this blog, I caught a SOLICITING A PROSTITUTE charge. She wasn’t a real prostitute, she was an undercover cop pretending to be a prostitute. My car got towed, I got arrested, given a citation ticket and released. It took $835 to get my car back. (Luckily my dad came thru with $500, me and my “former” girlfriend made the rest). I’m gonna fight the charge, because I didn’t even have any money. How can you get a whore with no money. I was basically arrested for tryna fuck a prostitute for FREE!!!  When I finally got my car back, one of my rapper friends called me to go to the studio. (I told him that after everything I went thru on Labor Day Weekend, I didn’t want to go in the studio to make any surgary, safe, poppy, or cliche club song). I went in the booth that day and killed it. If you wanna hear any of the new songs, go to   “Spilled Blood” is the song I made right after I got my car back. You can hear all the angst and anger and relief in my verse.

Speaking of Rap, the boyz over at FEET UNIVERSITY are having a lotta issues. The leader ended up losing a large amount of weed (he also sells weed, and he is the one who owns the studio equipment, which one day forced me to ask the question:  “If he didn’t sell weed or have the studio equipment, how many of us will know him, let alone hang out his house everyday?”). I think he thinks that I’m a suspect. I didn’t do it. They had a couple of shows since I last wrote. Everytime I ask how did the shows go (which I already know the truth. These guys are not “showmen”, they don’t put on show, they just stand there and rap into a mic, which would be fine, except that their lyrics ain’t shiiiiiit!!), the leader always just says: “Good”. If you getting excited about doing shows, then after the show someone asks you how did it go, aren’t you gonna say more than just: “Good”.  All I can say is that I tried to tell ’em. I’m working on two albums. One of them is a collabo album kinda like “Watch The Throne”, where I am teaming up with a fellow rapper friend of mine who goes by the name of E-man. I am naming that album “No Labels”. So I’m just focusing on my own music for a while. Oh yeah, the release date for “The Late Show” has been moved to: 02/10/2012, My Birthday.


I haven’t been here in a minute. Everything is going according to plan. I am still working on my mixtape. (I have pushed the release date to New Year’s Day, instead of Halloween). I’m currently trying to watch “Louie” and type this blog post at the same time. So when they go on commercial, I type.

The whirlwind of events and shows for “Meats COLLEGE” is slowly winding down. I think reality is starting to set in for some members. The guitar player especially. I tried to tell them. I decided that I’m not gonna make the focus of the blog all about discussing them. This blog is about: ME.

I went and purchased a grill during my writing hiatus. (a grill is gold caps that go over the teeth, I got 8. Think, Lil Wayne). I want to start looking like a rapper. Me and my girlfriend had a lot of ups and downs during this past month, but I think reality is starting to set in for her too. People hate listening to me. I think it is because people hate hearing the truth or good ideas and opinions from ME, anybody else, okey dokey. THEY ARE ONLY HURTING THEMSELVES.

I just downloaded Lil Wayne’s” The Carter4″. I’m gonna smoke some weed and listen to it tonite. That’s how I test new music (including mine). It has to sound good after a blunt of that sticky icky. I found “Watch The Throne” by Jay-Z/Kanye West, to be a lil disappointing. I thought that they woulld finally silence all the haters and critics that have been coming at the both of them, but it was the same bragging about riches, and mentions of Jay’s past life as a drug dealer. boo

I think my mixtape is gonna sound better than that. I still haven’t cut my hair. Even tho I think about cutting it everyday. It has started to dread up a lil bit too. So I don’t know if I will immediately cut it after the mixtape gets done. I’m hitting the studio Friday morning (two more songs to get in the can). I’m not getting alot of feedback from this blog thing. Probably when my star rises.

I’m outty, 5000 (i’m bringing that back young’uns)

My Dad’s Birthday party was a success!! The strippers were there as promised. I usually don’t talk that much around my family, but on Saturday July 23rd, I was talkative, cracking jokes, and I even brought my girlfirend to the party and introduced her to all of my family members. (She even watched the strippers perform with me). I got “sick drunk” and left early tho. It was a good time had by all.

Funny, what a difference a few days can make. Right now I don’t even like my girlfriend. She starting to seem more like an enemy. You know, the kind of girls that want guys to TREAT them like a girlfriend, but they don’t have to ACT like one. That’s her in the flesh. So, I don’t know.

Today is Tuesday July 26th, 2011. You know what that means if you have read the other posts. (The BIG SHOW is only two days away). I decided that I’m not gonna go. At first, I wanted to go, so that I can witness the disaster for myself, but after all the high school like “exclusions”, I kinda lost interest in what happens to my former lablemates. Plus, I don’t wanna go unless I can get in for free!! (you know how niggaz is! It costs $15 per person) I’m pretty sure if it is a success, then I will hear all about it. If I don’t hear nothing about it then….. you know (unsuccessful?). I’m still gonna stop by the headquarters on the day before the show to see if they made copies of the C-D’s that they are planning to give away. (I’m willing to bet my life on it, that they haven’t made any C-D’s). If they don’t, I know why. ha ha ha. So now, the countdown begins.

p.s. Amy Winehouse passed away the day of my Dad’s party. I know that no one was surprised. But it still is sad when somebody who has talent passes away while they are still young and have the chance to redeem themselves in the public, and for their fans. I was a true fan of her music. Not obsessed, but I liked a couple of her songs. I don’t care what an artist does when they are not doing art. I felt the same way when Easy-E , 2Pac, and Biggie died. No, I never knew these people, they were just images and sounds that came out of the T.V. or stereo, but when you connect with someone thru music, It almost becomes like you know them. Art consoles people. Imma leave it at that. BUTTCHEEK UNIVERSITY, Good luck!!! ha ha ha ha

This isn’t about the National Holiday. My dad is having a surprise party thrown in his honor this Saturday(July 23rd). My sister called to tell me all about it. Supposedly, strippers will be in the house. I’m down for that. The problem wit most Joliet parties, is that too many men are in attendance. I call them “sausage parties”. Niggaz in my city like to get into groups of about 5-10 niggaz and talk about girls. These niggaz always brag about how good in bed they are, or how everything they do is the shit. My question to that is: If you doing it soo big, how come ain’t no girls with you presently? They get mad when I say things like that.

I was over at “WEAK UNIVERSITY” headquarters, and it seems like slow business as usual. The “leader” has a new big screen computer, and everybody was over there watching Facebook, looking at girls none of them will ever have a chance with. Here is a sample lyric from my upcoming mixtape: “I love when they get new equipment/cuz that means that hard lesson will be expensive”.

The beauty of this mixtape is that the later it comes out, the more sense it will make and the more hurtful the lyrics will be. if I drop it now in the middle of summer and during this rap whirlwind, then I would be considered a “hater”. But if I wait until the Fall, (when summer is over, and the afterglow of doing shows is over, and people return to school and/or work. Plus the babysitting service is back in effect, ha), then I will be considerd a prophetic genius. I’m in full promo mode. I’m taking a week off the blog writing, plus I’m taking the rest of the month off from writing and recording. I want it to be fresh and new when I get back in the booth. Not olde and stale like when BUTTCHEEK UNIVERSITY, gets down. ha ha. I got a few surprises coming by the end of the month. The 2011-2012 season is all mine……just wait.

p.s. I just heard the new Kanye West and Jay-Z song called “OTIS”. This is proof that I’m still ahead of the rest of these “Jolietans”. I can’t wait til Fall nigga. ha ha ha ha……I’m out.

I Love it when a plan comes together. I still haven’t cut my afro yet. I was this close a couple of days ago. It is too uneven. But I’m statrting to believe that my hair is my power( like Solomon). All the prophetic images I am getting are coming from my hair. So, imma leave it at least for another two weeks.

As I type this, there are exactly 13 days left until the show. Let me give you guys a lil backstory here: A group of my associates  started a lil “label” called “——-,——” (I’m not even gonna print their name here, cuz I’m not into giving wack-ass crewz FREE promotion). I’m the best lyricist out of this group (as with any group). So they have been purposely excluding me from recording sessions, “label” meetings, and just keeping me in the dark when it came to the details of what’s going on. I have ideas. I don’t consider myself  just a rapper (they do). I consider myself a writer. I have a passion for music and the Arts, and pop culture in general. I study this shit. I live this shit. They are the “johnny come lately’s”. Which  means they only hop on trends once they become popular. So, I be having ideas about what kind of music to make, how to promote it, what beats they should sample, I always come around with new music from new artsists to keep everybody hip on whats going on in the culture. I was the first to listen to a lot of artists that they were indifferent to (Drake, J.Cole, and now Jay Electronica and Kendrick Lamar) Everytime I put them on to somebody new, they act all “indifferent” to it. That is until It becomes part of the culture, and then they pretend they were fans from the beginning (ha).

So, they finally booked a show. Thursday July 28th at a place called MOJOES. They actually thought that I was gonna get jealous once they showed me the fliers. But in the back of my mind I was like: EXCELLENT!!!!  So, for about a week, they still tried to keep me in the dark about everything, hoping that it was gonna lead to me begging to be a part of the show. But a few days ago, I get a desperate call from the “leader” asking me what songs do I want to perform for the show. ha ha. Oh, now you want me to be a part. I declined, but offered to put two(2) of my brand new songs from my FINAL mixtape on a mixtape that they are giving away for free at the show. ( This is a test. I want to see if they actually put my dope songs on their wack mixtape. If not, I will know that the only reason why they wouldn’t put my new solo songs on the mixtape along with the music they have been making while excluding me, is because my songs will make their songs look amateurish, hah ha).

I know my two songs won’t make the mixtape, for whatever excuse they come up with. I told them I don’t want to do the show. I want to see who was more important than me. (hence the exclusion). If Skrewz Backflipz is not the star of this “label”, I want to see who is. And this blog is the proof. Its getting crunch time for them. And I can see the panic starting to creep in. The Leader even suggested “maybe I should let Mike perform”. (Mike plays guitar). So niggaz are getting so desperate, that they are considering letting someone play guitar, at a HIP HOP SHOW!! YOU ONLY HAVE A 15 MINUTE SET NIGGAZ!!! I’m going to the show, even if I gotta pay $15 dollars to get in. I wanna see this disaster. People can say I’m hating, but what you gonna call it when what I’m saying starts coming true? PROPHECY.

I Love it when a plan comes together!!!!

I’m not cutting my hair until my album is done. sometimes I look in the mirror, and I want to cut it soo bad. I have to have dedication. I must also stop using the word “album”. The NOW generation is using the word “mixtape’ , so I have to use it now also.  I am still being blacklisted. My “friends” had a “label-party” last week, and guess who did not get an invite? The best rapper of your “crew” doesn’t get an invite. Ha ha. Now I know that I am the shiznit, cuz if i was wack, I would be invited to all the parties and things. I’m always the last to know about things that’s happening with the label. Well, FUCK YOU niggaz. It’s not my fault that all you guys make is “follwers music”. I tried to put niggas onto game, but I guess since it is me that is doing all the “putting on”, nobody wants to listen. Or they think that if they don’t listen, then Imma get mad. (smart people hate it when dumb people don’t listen to them, so you right).

I’m hitting the studio in  2 days anyway. I just have to keep doing what I do. I was listening to the early vesrion of my mixtape last nite. At first, I was thinking that maybe I was too hard on my former labelmates, and that the whole mixtape thus far sounds like a bitter old man getting mad at the younger folk who have come to take his place.  But, then I thought about it: THIS MIXTAPE IS PROPHECY!! By the time the mixtape comes out (Halloween, 2011) everything that I discussed on the mixtape will have came true. So with time the lyrics will become more true, meaning even more hurtful when the shit hits the fan.

All of the shows will be over with, and the afterglow of the showz will become dimmer. That’s when a funny little thing that I like to call “reality” will be in the forefront. That’s the point of this blog too. This Fall, all the people who hated on me and dismissed me and tried to make me believe that I wasn’t important, will have to read this blog if they want me down with them. So, Niggaz

I'm Not Cutting My Hair, Until My Mixtape is Done



ummm, before I start I want it to be known that I am a Hip Hop artist. So, before I get into that Life, I want to give you guys a link to listen to my music, in case my words move you soo much that you wanna hear what else I have to offer. So here it is:

Oh, my rap name is Skrewz Backflipz.

The purpose of this blog post is to inform artists what can happen if you come from a small town (like mine, Joliet, Illinois) and you are more talented than everybody that you know.

Back to me. I am not some egomaniac, thinking that everything I do is “Golden”. I think I am golden just by the way these haters respond to me. I AM CURRENTLY BEING BLACKBALLED. My brother told me that if I join forces wit someone who has all the equipment, and I am better than them (but with no equipment) I will get no further than them. It seems like my friends open up studios so that they can have a social life.

Well, no more. I am currently working on my FINAL mixtape ever. I am paying for the studio time, packaging of the C-D, and I’m gonna sell it myself. I picked every beat, every concept for every song was my idea, the arrangement of the songs, the titles of the songs, the title of the mixtape (“The Late Show”) and every rhyme pattern that I use is all ME. I am very passionate about music, art and culture. A lot of my “friends” like to wait until enough people are endorsing something to figure out whether they like it or not. They have no opinions of their own, and they follow up behind current trends like a kid lost at the grocery store, looking for his Mama. I can’t do it anymore. They watch ESPN all day, but none of them play any sports(playstation and X-box don’t count). Nobody listens to me or my ideas, but everybody wants me around. FOR WHAT!?  guess what homeboys? You too late