I haven’t been here in a minute. Everything is going according to plan. I am still working on my mixtape. (I have pushed the release date to New Year’s Day, instead of Halloween). I’m currently trying to watch “Louie” and type this blog post at the same time. So when they go on commercial, I type.

The whirlwind of events and shows for “Meats COLLEGE” is slowly winding down. I think reality is starting to set in for some members. The guitar player especially. I tried to tell them. I decided that I’m not gonna make the focus of the blog all about discussing them. This blog is about: ME.

I went and purchased a grill during my writing hiatus. (a grill is gold caps that go over the teeth, I got 8. Think, Lil Wayne). I want to start looking like a rapper. Me and my girlfriend had a lot of ups and downs during this past month, but I think reality is starting to set in for her too. People hate listening to me. I think it is because people hate hearing the truth or good ideas and opinions from ME, anybody else, okey dokey. THEY ARE ONLY HURTING THEMSELVES.

I just downloaded Lil Wayne’s” The Carter4″. I’m gonna smoke some weed and listen to it tonite. That’s how I test new music (including mine). It has to sound good after a blunt of that sticky icky. I found “Watch The Throne” by Jay-Z/Kanye West, to be a lil disappointing. I thought that they woulld finally silence all the haters and critics that have been coming at the both of them, but it was the same bragging about riches, and mentions of Jay’s past life as a drug dealer. boo

I think my mixtape is gonna sound better than that. I still haven’t cut my hair. Even tho I think about cutting it everyday. It has started to dread up a lil bit too. So I don’t know if I will immediately cut it after the mixtape gets done. I’m hitting the studio Friday morning (two more songs to get in the can). I’m not getting alot of feedback from this blog thing. Probably when my star rises.

I’m outty, 5000 (i’m bringing that back young’uns)