My Dad’s Birthday party was a success!! The strippers were there as promised. I usually don’t talk that much around my family, but on Saturday July 23rd, I was talkative, cracking jokes, and I even brought my girlfirend to the party and introduced her to all of my family members. (She even watched the strippers perform with me). I got “sick drunk” and left early tho. It was a good time had by all.

Funny, what a difference a few days can make. Right now I don’t even like my girlfriend. She starting to seem more like an enemy. You know, the kind of girls that want guys to TREAT them like a girlfriend, but they don’t have to ACT like one. That’s her in the flesh. So, I don’t know.

Today is Tuesday July 26th, 2011. You know what that means if you have read the other posts. (The BIG SHOW is only two days away). I decided that I’m not gonna go. At first, I wanted to go, so that I can witness the disaster for myself, but after all the high school like “exclusions”, I kinda lost interest in what happens to my former lablemates. Plus, I don’t wanna go unless I can get in for free!! (you know how niggaz is! It costs $15 per person) I’m pretty sure if it is a success, then I will hear all about it. If I don’t hear nothing about it then….. you know (unsuccessful?). I’m still gonna stop by the headquarters on the day before the show to see if they made copies of the C-D’s that they are planning to give away. (I’m willing to bet my life on it, that they haven’t made any C-D’s). If they don’t, I know why. ha ha ha. So now, the countdown begins.

p.s. Amy Winehouse passed away the day of my Dad’s party. I know that no one was surprised. But it still is sad when somebody who has talent passes away while they are still young and have the chance to redeem themselves in the public, and for their fans. I was a true fan of her music. Not obsessed, but I liked a couple of her songs. I don’t care what an artist does when they are not doing art. I felt the same way when Easy-E , 2Pac, and Biggie died. No, I never knew these people, they were just images and sounds that came out of the T.V. or stereo, but when you connect with someone thru music, It almost becomes like you know them. Art consoles people. Imma leave it at that. BUTTCHEEK UNIVERSITY, Good luck!!! ha ha ha ha