This isn’t about the National Holiday. My dad is having a surprise party thrown in his honor this Saturday(July 23rd). My sister called to tell me all about it. Supposedly, strippers will be in the house. I’m down for that. The problem wit most Joliet parties, is that too many men are in attendance. I call them “sausage parties”. Niggaz in my city like to get into groups of about 5-10 niggaz and talk about girls. These niggaz always brag about how good in bed they are, or how everything they do is the shit. My question to that is: If you doing it soo big, how come ain’t no girls with you presently? They get mad when I say things like that.

I was over at “WEAK UNIVERSITY” headquarters, and it seems like slow business as usual. The “leader” has a new big screen computer, and everybody was over there watching Facebook, looking at girls none of them will ever have a chance with. Here is a sample lyric from my upcoming mixtape: “I love when they get new equipment/cuz that means that hard lesson will be expensive”.

The beauty of this mixtape is that the later it comes out, the more sense it will make and the more hurtful the lyrics will be. if I drop it now in the middle of summer and during this rap whirlwind, then I would be considered a “hater”. But if I wait until the Fall, (when summer is over, and the afterglow of doing shows is over, and people return to school and/or work. Plus the babysitting service is back in effect, ha), then I will be considerd a prophetic genius. I’m in full promo mode. I’m taking a week off the blog writing, plus I’m taking the rest of the month off from writing and recording. I want it to be fresh and new when I get back in the booth. Not olde and stale like when BUTTCHEEK UNIVERSITY, gets down. ha ha. I got a few surprises coming by the end of the month. The 2011-2012 season is all mine……just wait.

p.s. I just heard the new Kanye West and Jay-Z song called “OTIS”. This is proof that I’m still ahead of the rest of these “Jolietans”. I can’t wait til Fall nigga. ha ha ha ha……I’m out.