I Love it when a plan comes together. I still haven’t cut my afro yet. I was this close a couple of days ago. It is too uneven. But I’m statrting to believe that my hair is my power( like Solomon). All the prophetic images I am getting are coming from my hair. So, imma leave it at least for another two weeks.

As I type this, there are exactly 13 days left until the show. Let me give you guys a lil backstory here: A group of my associates  started a lil “label” called “——-,——” (I’m not even gonna print their name here, cuz I’m not into giving wack-ass crewz FREE promotion). I’m the best lyricist out of this group (as with any group). So they have been purposely excluding me from recording sessions, “label” meetings, and just keeping me in the dark when it came to the details of what’s going on. I have ideas. I don’t consider myself  just a rapper (they do). I consider myself a writer. I have a passion for music and the Arts, and pop culture in general. I study this shit. I live this shit. They are the “johnny come lately’s”. Which  means they only hop on trends once they become popular. So, I be having ideas about what kind of music to make, how to promote it, what beats they should sample, I always come around with new music from new artsists to keep everybody hip on whats going on in the culture. I was the first to listen to a lot of artists that they were indifferent to (Drake, J.Cole, and now Jay Electronica and Kendrick Lamar) Everytime I put them on to somebody new, they act all “indifferent” to it. That is until It becomes part of the culture, and then they pretend they were fans from the beginning (ha).

So, they finally booked a show. Thursday July 28th at a place called MOJOES. They actually thought that I was gonna get jealous once they showed me the fliers. But in the back of my mind I was like: EXCELLENT!!!!  So, for about a week, they still tried to keep me in the dark about everything, hoping that it was gonna lead to me begging to be a part of the show. But a few days ago, I get a desperate call from the “leader” asking me what songs do I want to perform for the show. ha ha. Oh, now you want me to be a part. I declined, but offered to put two(2) of my brand new songs from my FINAL mixtape on a mixtape that they are giving away for free at the show. ( This is a test. I want to see if they actually put my dope songs on their wack mixtape. If not, I will know that the only reason why they wouldn’t put my new solo songs on the mixtape along with the music they have been making while excluding me, is because my songs will make their songs look amateurish, hah ha).

I know my two songs won’t make the mixtape, for whatever excuse they come up with. I told them I don’t want to do the show. I want to see who was more important than me. (hence the exclusion). If Skrewz Backflipz is not the star of this “label”, I want to see who is. And this blog is the proof. Its getting crunch time for them. And I can see the panic starting to creep in. The Leader even suggested “maybe I should let Mike perform”. (Mike plays guitar). So niggaz are getting so desperate, that they are considering letting someone play guitar, at a HIP HOP SHOW!! YOU ONLY HAVE A 15 MINUTE SET NIGGAZ!!! I’m going to the show, even if I gotta pay $15 dollars to get in. I wanna see this disaster. People can say I’m hating, but what you gonna call it when what I’m saying starts coming true? PROPHECY.

I Love it when a plan comes together!!!!