I’m not cutting my hair until my album is done. sometimes I look in the mirror, and I want to cut it soo bad. I have to have dedication. I must also stop using the word “album”. The NOW generation is using the word “mixtape’ , so I have to use it now also.  I am still being blacklisted. My “friends” had a “label-party” last week, and guess who did not get an invite? The best rapper of your “crew” doesn’t get an invite. Ha ha. Now I know that I am the shiznit, cuz if i was wack, I would be invited to all the parties and things. I’m always the last to know about things that’s happening with the label. Well, FUCK YOU niggaz. It’s not my fault that all you guys make is “follwers music”. I tried to put niggas onto game, but I guess since it is me that is doing all the “putting on”, nobody wants to listen. Or they think that if they don’t listen, then Imma get mad. (smart people hate it when dumb people don’t listen to them, so you right).

I’m hitting the studio in  2 days anyway. I just have to keep doing what I do. I was listening to the early vesrion of my mixtape last nite. At first, I was thinking that maybe I was too hard on my former labelmates, and that the whole mixtape thus far sounds like a bitter old man getting mad at the younger folk who have come to take his place.  But, then I thought about it: THIS MIXTAPE IS PROPHECY!! By the time the mixtape comes out (Halloween, 2011) everything that I discussed on the mixtape will have came true. So with time the lyrics will become more true, meaning even more hurtful when the shit hits the fan.

All of the shows will be over with, and the afterglow of the showz will become dimmer. That’s when a funny little thing that I like to call “reality” will be in the forefront. That’s the point of this blog too. This Fall, all the people who hated on me and dismissed me and tried to make me believe that I wasn’t important, will have to read this blog if they want me down with them. So, Niggaz

I'm Not Cutting My Hair, Until My Mixtape is Done


PLUS IMMA HAVE A BIG OL’ AFRO TO MATCH.  www.soundcloud.com/backflipz