ummm, before I start I want it to be known that I am a Hip Hop artist. So, before I get into that Life, I want to give you guys a link to listen to my music, in case my words move you soo much that you wanna hear what else I have to offer. So here it is:

Oh, my rap name is Skrewz Backflipz.

The purpose of this blog post is to inform artists what can happen if you come from a small town (like mine, Joliet, Illinois) and you are more talented than everybody that you know.

Back to me. I am not some egomaniac, thinking that everything I do is “Golden”. I think I am golden just by the way these haters respond to me. I AM CURRENTLY BEING BLACKBALLED. My brother told me that if I join forces wit someone who has all the equipment, and I am better than them (but with no equipment) I will get no further than them. It seems like my friends open up studios so that they can have a social life.

Well, no more. I am currently working on my FINAL mixtape ever. I am paying for the studio time, packaging of the C-D, and I’m gonna sell it myself. I picked every beat, every concept for every song was my idea, the arrangement of the songs, the titles of the songs, the title of the mixtape (“The Late Show”) and every rhyme pattern that I use is all ME. I am very passionate about music, art and culture. A lot of my “friends” like to wait until enough people are endorsing something to figure out whether they like it or not. They have no opinions of their own, and they follow up behind current trends like a kid lost at the grocery store, looking for his Mama. I can’t do it anymore. They watch ESPN all day, but none of them play any sports(playstation and X-box don’t count). Nobody listens to me or my ideas, but everybody wants me around. FOR WHAT!?  guess what homeboys? You too late